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I’ve helped countless people build 5, 6- and even 7-figure businesses. Now it’s your turn!

Insider tips, training, and resources to build your high-earning candle making business now.

“I’ve put off my dreams long enough, Sarah. Let’s get started.”

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Why haven’t you started your
candle business yet?

Candle making ingredients on a white table

"I don't know what I'd need to get started"

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably looked into purchasing candlemaking supplies before…

… but there are just so many products and options, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Which items are essential, and which are a waste of your money?

I felt the same way when I started making candles 30 years ago. And the industry has advanced quite a bit since then.

If that’s been holding you back, though, “Flame to Glory” will cover all of this up front. In fact, what you save by skipping non-essential equipment and supplies will pay for your investment in this program.

"I don't know if I could make a go of it with such a speciality item"

It might seem hard to believe, but consumers in the UK alone spend £1.9 Billion on candles each year… and the market is continually growing, in fact it has almost doubled in the just a couple of years.

More and more of us are becoming tired of the bog-standard gifts and home decorations… we’re looking for items with personal touches - something that not just everyone can have or give.

That’s what makes handmade container candles perfect for your new business or as an added item for an existing business  - customers will come back again and again to purchase your uniquely scented creations.

white unlit candles on a shelf
Two women holding unlit candles

“I don’t have business OR candlemaking experience"

As enjoyable as it sounds to own a candle business, you might be worried that you don’t have the knowledge to properly set up and operate a successful business, or to create candles that people want to buy.

Fortunately, all of these skills can be easily and quickly learned.

We’ve set up Flame to Glory to teach you from the very beginning and take you through our proven roadmap through each step of the process.

We’ll focus on container candles as they sell extremely well, and you'll learn how to easily customise them to fit your brand.

This will substantially reduce the time it takes to open and grow your own thriving candle business.

What you will learn to make

A person pouring candle wax into a glass jar

Confidently make your own candles

Making handmade candles is rewarding and fun, but with so many options out there on where to get your candle supplies or what wicks are best, getting started on your own can be daunting.

Our container candle course breaks it down into simple to follow steps to help you get great results fast.

  • Eco Tealights
  • Votive Candles
  • Container Candles
  • Coloured Container Candles
  • Candle Tins
  • Tea Cup Candles

Plus Bonuses:

  • Hand Rolled Beeswax Candle - Two versions
  • Making Wax Melts Guide
  • How to Make Fire Kindle Cones

What you will learn

We’ve put 30 years of candle making and business experience into our Flame to Glory candle business course, to help you get started fast!

We show you not only how to make candles from scratch even if you are a beginner, but we also walk you through the essential steps you need to start a candle business and our expertise will save you a tonne of time and money as you build your own candle making business.

Module 1

You’ll get a complete downloadable checklist to purchase the exact supplies and equipment you need. This will save you a small fortune while keeping your workspace tidy (no unneeded supplies to clutter things up).

We’ll also cover each of the items in the training, as well as health and safety tips to keep you happily making candles incident-free.

Module 2

This week, we’ll dive into the fundamental techniques you’ll use to craft beautiful, high-quality container candles quickly.

I’ve also included walkthrough demonstrations to show you how to make some of the most popular types of container candles today - this will help you start creating and selling right away.

Module 3

Now that you know how to efficiently create handmade candles to attract a steady stream of loyal buyers, it's time to put your business systems into place.  
We’ll cover everything you need to plan, start, and grow a profitable candle business including our tips for scaling your production.

Module 4

Personalisation is huge, so we will show you how you can profit form this market sector. Learn how to create signature collections and even have bespoke fragrances to help you stand out from a crowd.
From easy-to-create personalised touches to bespoke white label opportunities, you’ll learn how to get ahead!

Module 5

This is almost everyone’s favourite. This week, we’re “kicking it up a notch” by introducing striking visual accents that candle-lovers adore. You’ll master the decorative techniques to create stunning container candle effects that will capture your customers’ attention and keep them coming back, like our galaxy candles, so mesmerising it could be your entire business if you wanted.

We’ll cover dimensional moulding and bonding, whipped wax, and other effects to create candles your buyers will be over the moon for.

LIVE Q&A and Coaching

Although you will have everything you need inside the course to start a candle business, we love to work with you and help you at every step.

We can't wait to meet you in our live Q&A sessions, share your successes and help you understand the gremlins. We have deep dive coaching sessions on the topics you request too, so come and join in!

You will also be able to join our incredible private online community and maybe even male new friends.

See what our customers are saying about us

Lee D
Started my own business!

"I’ve previously enrolled on the Candle Workshop. This taught me about candle making from the start of the process to the end, covering the difference in waxes, burn times, wicks and fragrances.

I enjoyed it so much that I have now set up my own candle making business. So if anyone is wanting to do this as a hobby or to start there own business.

 I would highly recommend this to help them on their way."

Jackie G
What can I say but WOW!

"This course had me blown away (excuse the pun), from the content of the course to the aftercare and bonuses given by Sarah.

I decided to take the course to expand my Soap business and am so glad I did.  I learnt so many different techniques , how to make designs that I’d seen and thought I’ll never be able to do that, and now I can!

This is a course you’ll never regret taking - come on join our family."

Jane J
A must for anyone!

"It was a must for anyone wanting to start a candle making business. 

The course was comprehensive and supported by excellent tuition, practical work, handbook and online course. 

Thank you!"

I’m also including some fab bonuses when you
enrol today…

When you’ve completed the Flame to Glory program, I want you to feel 100% confident in your ability to launch and grow your own successful candle business.

So I’ve decided to include these bonuses to take the guesswork (and real work) out of it all:

17 Additional Candle Design Projects including 3 fab candle styles for the holiday season!

Wick positioning template & equipment guide for making perfectly centered wicks each and every time!

Printable cheatsheet for wax to fragrance amounts for all your core container sizes!

CLP regulations mini guide. Learn how to Understand and use the information from your suppliers to create your compliant candle labels!

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A Candle Academy certificate

What is your investment in Flame to Glory?

If you went to an in-person workshop to learn exactly what you’re getting in Flame to Glory (and probably a little less), you’d pay around £5000.That doesn’t include travel expenses or time away from your job or family.

When you enrol today, you’re getting an idea-to-launch program to create the candle business you’ve dreamed about… .

For just 10% of that investment.You keep coming back to this dream of owning your own successful, profitable candle business.

What will happen if you pass this opportunity up?
Nothing much, really. Your candle business will stay a dream. That’s it.
But right now, there’s an incredible demand… and not enough talented candlemakers to fill that demand.

This a window of opportunity for you to do something you’ve always wanted and make a good living at it.

Look at the incredible value:

Flame To Glory Complete training program = £2000

Weekly personal coaching sessions with Q&A's = £500

CLP Regulations Mini Guide Bonus = £100

Total Value = £2600

But you pay just £499
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Have some questions?

Some of your frequently asked questions. If you have more to ask or want some time for discussion, just give us a call!

How long will the course take to complete?

You will be able to complete the course in a few weeks if you have the time, or you can take much longer if you prefer. We recommend you take it over 6 weeks. You can dip in and out of the course and do a few lessons at a time as your work and life allows.

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the entire course. It never expires, so there is nothing stopping you from learning at the time and place that works best for you. You can feel confident knowing that if ever need a quick refresher or want more detail about something specific we've got you covered.

Do you have a list of suppliers for me?

We understand that finding the right supplier for you can be difficult. That's why we have done all the work for you!

We've included our list of favourite suppliers, as well as guidance on what types and options might suit your needs better than others - it pays off in more ways than one when working together with an experienced company like ours who has been through this process many times before - WITH YOU BY YOUR SIDE

How can I get support if I have questions?

We are always happy to help. You can get fast direct support from inside the course, via email or telephone as well as inside the online community. You can also join in the live Q&A calls!

Will I really be able to make my own candles?

You bet! We have some great step by steps that will literally guide you through the process. And if any problems do happen, we explain how to avoid them or fix them easily enough with a little bit of guidance from our videos and guides. It won't be long before you have friends lining up with requests for more of your candles and you are ready to launch your candle business.

Could I do this as a business?

If you're feeling the entrepreneurial spirit, you could absolutely start your own candle business. Many of our students have done just that. The process starts by learning some core skills which can lead into many different types of candles for any occasion or mood! With the candle market booming, this could be the right time for you to start and follow your dreams.

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